AnotherWhere is a experience set in desolate world where the players have to explore the streets and alleys of an abandoned city. It aims to take the players to an estranged place full of solitude and dangers.To investigate a grotesque and lonely cityscape the player uses dynamic movement,

which allows him to climb from dark alleys all the way up to airy rooftop slums.

The entire environment is 100% procedural generated and focuses not only on creating a massive playground for players, but also impressive visuals and panoramas.



We are a small team of passionate game designers who learned our craft while working together on smaller game projects at the HTW Berlin. We share a vision and believe in the potential of AnotherWhere and are dedicated in our pursuit to bring the project to fruition. We see games as complex systems that fuse artistic expression with technical expertise to create experiences, unique to the medium. 

As strong believers in the growing importance of games in society, we are excited to explore its possibilities and contribute to this process.

Since we are a small group of enthusiasts right now, we are thankful for every sort of help and feedback we can get, so if you want to participate in this project feel free to send us a message. We would like to hear from you.


If you have questions or feedback regarding our project  or just want to know more please send us a message. We are happy to answer you as soon as possible and are thankful for your input!

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