Light the Sky 

When the night closes in the sky becomes awake. As the moon rises stars begin to shine and enlighten the darkness around. By Connecting them the players create a sparkling network of light and energy that spreads in the dark sky.

But not all stars can be saved from

the darkness, in the nightly shadows a corruption hides willing to devour the light. To avoid his star constellation from fading the player has to build a clever system, that can resist the shadows and fight back the black holes lurking in there.

Lunarium is the first game I got the chance to work on during my second semester of studies in Berlin. Later we decided to revisit the game, to optimise the performance and deploy it on IOS and Android. 

2D Unity Project (2015)

PC | Mac | IOS |Android

Team Timo Falcke, Maximilian Haas, Olya Trinova, Morten Newe

Lunarium | Screenshot | 2015

Lunarium | Screenshot | 2015

Lunarium | Screenshot | 2015

Lunarium | Screenshot | 2015

Lunarium | Screenshot | 2015

What I worked on

To realise the first game we ever worked on, I learned the basics of Unity and C#. In order to that I was responsible for some of the programming and the technical implementations of the hand drawn artstyle. The game design was developed by all of our team members together and we successfully finished the project within 3-4 month.

Lunarium | Screenshot | 2015


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